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Governing Patriotic Party Congresswoman Catarina Castor died in the crash of a private plane in the northwestern Guatemalan province of Quiche, while the pilot was killed and another politician was injured, officials said Sunday.

Pilot Julio Giron, 36, died in the accident and Quiche Gov. Heber Cabrera was transported to a Guatemala City hospital, where he is being treated for his injuries.

The accident happened Saturday afternoon in Nebaj, a town about 240 kilometers (149 miles) from the capital, Congressman Valentin Gramajo, leader of the Patriotic Party group in Congress, told reporters.

The 32-year-old Castor and the governor were heading to the city of Santa Cruz for a ceremony marking the 16th anniversary of the signing of the peace agreements that ended Guatemala’s civil war, Gramajo said.

The pilot lost control of the single-engine Cessna 110 on take-off from the air strip in Nebaj due to mechanical problems, emergency services officials said. [Fox]