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Jenni Rivera, who filed for divorce from husband Esteban Loaiza last week, is opening up about her split on her radio show, Contacto directo con Jenni Rivera.

La Diva de la Banda went on to set the record straight for her fans and confessed that rumors of infidelity is not the reason behind their split, “The television and news reports about the cause of the split are not true,” says the singer.

She continues, “I’m really hurt, but I haven’t opened up entirely about the situation out of respect.”

Jenni was married to the baseball player for two years and has also been in abusive relationships in the past. Although she refuses to get into specifics, she does reveal, “I wish I never married him, that’s the truth. I suffered a lot and now I see it was a mistake. The things that happened were terrible, bad enough that I finally stood up and said, ‘no more, I won’t take this anymore.'” by Sugey Palomares [Latina]