For the unapologetically proud Latina, the right gear can go a long way.

Fearless mujeres not only want to shut down the patriarchy, they also hold their Latina idols near and dear to their hearts. From “Fuck Macho Bullshit Forever” pins to Frida Kahlo-inspired accessories, here’s a gift guide for your favorite bruja, chingona and cabrona.


1.) “Chingona Como Mi Mama” Poster


$4.00, Etsy. Buy it here.

2.) Latina Pride Pillow

$20.00, Society6. Buy it here.

3.) Avocado Friendship Necklace

$16.00, Etsy. Buy it here. 

4.) ‘The Future Is Latina’ T-shirt

$25.00, Etsy. Buy it here.

5.) “Fuck Macho Bullshit Forever” Pin

$1.72, Etsy. Buy it here.

6.) Xingona.Xillona.Xicana Baseball Tee

$22.00, Etsy. Buy it here.

7.) Mexican Concha Earrings

$13.00, Etsy. Buy it here.

8.) Frida Kahlo Quote T-Shirt

$19.00, Etsy. Buy it here.

9.) “Si, Se Puede” Mug

$16.00, Etsy. Buy it here.

10.) “Mujer Power” T-shirt

$30.00, Etsy. Buy it here.

11.) Bruja Tank Top

$19.95, Etsy. Buy it here.

12.) Paquita la del Barrio “Rata de Dos Patas” Wall Art

$14.45, Society6. Buy it here.

13.) Tacos And Opinion Art Print

$12.82, Society6. Buy it here.

14.) “Soy Más Cabrona Que Bonita” Earrings

$10.00, Etsy. Buy it here.

15.) Nalgona Positivity Pride Wall Calendar

$10.00, Etsy. Buy it here. 

16.) Inspiring Latinas T-shirt

$22.00, Society6. Buy it here.

17.) “Feed Me Tacos & Tell Me I’m Pretty” Mug

$15.00, Society6. Buy it here.


By Carolina Moreno [Huff]