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Telethon and Univision unite to create Teleton USA. What began as a dream in Chile and then spread to Mexico and Latin America now reaches the United States.

Teleton USA arises to sow the seed of a legacy of union, solidarity and love, summoning the Hispanic community to join this cause in favour of children with disabilities, cancer and autism.

Your donation will go to the creation of the first Teletón children’s rehabilitation center in the United States and will support some of most prestigious children of the nation’s hospitals.

With our philosophy, “love and science at the service of life” and your support, we want to provide quality care.

Rehabilitation system will be focused on providing comprehensive care that includes several aspects:

Prevention, medicine in rehabilitation, specialized medicine, research, psycho-social integration and development, with the clear objective of providing a quality service to children with disabilities and their families.

Joining hearts and wills we will promote a culture in favour of disability and reinforce values such as love, trust and generosity. Hispanic Heritage to the United States health system.

Join this movement of love and together we will change their lives.

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